20 Free Courses Websites to Master New Skill

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in! I'm thrilled to share this incredible list of free learning resources with you all. It's amazing how much knowledge is at our fingertips; these sites can open new doors for everyone. Whether you're looking to upskill, switch careers, or explore new interests, there's something here for you.

1, Khan Academy offers courses in arts, humanities, economics, and more with personalized learning. khanacademy.org

2, Grow with Google offers Training in TensorFlow, Google Cloud, Android Development, and more. grow.google

3, Simplilearn - SkillUp offers Courses in AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and TensorFlow. simplilearn.com

4, Codecademy specializes in coding courses in various languages and technologies. codecademy.com

5, Harvard Extension offers Online extension of Harvard University offering a variety of courses. extension.harvard.edu

6, Stanford Online offers Digital extension of Stanford University with diverse courses. online.stanford.edu

7, Coursera Partners with universities to offer a wide range of courses. coursera.org

8, Udemy Offers free courses in tech essentials and personal growth. udemy.com

9, Skillshare Provides courses in creative skills like design and music. skillshare.com

10, EdX offers University-level courses in different fields. edx.org

11, FutureLearn offers Courses in creative arts, law, psychology, and more. futurelearn.com

12, OpenLearn offers Free online courses in arts, languages, sciences. open.edu/openlearn

13, Alison offers Free online courses in IT, business, science, health, humanities. alison.com

14, Canvas Network offers courses in education, history, business, and more. canvas.net

15, Open Yale Courses offers Introductory courses from Yale University. oyc.yale.edu

16, MIT OpenCourseWare MIT course content online for free. ocw.mit.edu

17, Carnegie Mellon OLI offers High-quality courses to learn at your own pace. oli.cmu.edu

18, Saylor Academy offers Free and open online courses. saylor.org

19, iTunes U offers Free courses from various schools and universities. iTunes U

20, Academic Earth offers Free online college courses from top universities. academicearth.org